Monday, March 28, 2011

when one door had shut,the other will open.

The dream that i've been longing to come to past had shattered with just a word 'NO'.The dream of being a designer had took me a long time to decide it.It was so hard to have the courage to take up this dream of being in the world of arts and design.After so long,i finally made a decision to have the courage to choose design.I love colors.I love arts.I love handcrafts.I love seeing those graphics that shown on tv,webpages,packaging and etc.When i once go for shopping and pass by one of the shop that was designated with all the graphics,i told myself i want to design such a thing in the future.God grants me this dream i believe its from my gifted talents.I love making cards and other creative things to people as a gift.When i make a gift using my creativity,i always tell myself this is my learning and training process to my future as a designer.
But when i got my STPM result,everything has changed.I did not do well in my STPM.I told myself that i must have another back up plan to pursue my dream in designing.I've made a back up plan which was doing diploma instead of degree.But just because of my STPM result,my dream had shattered.My parents protested me in taking up design course with a reason saying that i do not have the ability to do it.I was so disappointed after hearing those words.I kept questioning myself why arent they see the creativity side of me?I believe that i have the ability to do it and i have the confident that i can do it.Whenever i have the confident,they will tend to pull my confident down and become a person with no dream and purposes.They are controlling my dream instead of me to control my dream.
God spoke to me that when a door had shut,the other will open.I was asking God what was that mean?was God asking me to throw away my creativity talents?I couldnt get an answer for it.

Sooner,I've got recommended a course from my sister which was hotel and tourism management.When i was in my secondary school,i did thought of taking up hotel management.But somehow my family members protested me to take that course and saying all the negative side of the course.Then,i gave up on that dream and moved on to search for another dream.And once i got a dream,again they discouraged me.I am so tired of searching the dream.Everyone in my family tried to persuade me to take this course but my heart was hardened and did not listen to them.But sooner,more and more people around me persuading me to this course.First was my eldest sister.She did explained to me in a very detailed manner being in this line.Second person that spoke to me was my youth leader,Sherene.She spoke to me that with my personality and my character,being in this line would be a best choice.She even told me that i'm a person that could not take up too much of stress.Being in a design field is a must to take up stress and also she said that i can use my creativity in this line too..The way sherene told me proved that i dont understand my own self.While the third person that counselled me was my prefects senior,Aaron Oo. He spoke the same thing as what my sister and sherene said.From there,i confirmed that it was God's calling.I believe this was the second door that was opened to me.Without more hesitation,I decided to accept this new dream.Though i'm missing the dream i had,i have to accept the fact and go for the new dream.After deciding so long,I finally taking up this dream and be prepare to be in this line.I'm still doubting of this dream but God gave me more confirmation of this dream.Whenever i tell my friends of this course,they will say i've made a good choice because this course has a very bright future.Most of the students took up this course are now succeeded in their career.Thank God for this new dream.I've learnt one thing from God which is whenever the dream that God gave us,He can take it away from and replace a better one.i shall not doubt of what will i be in the future because God is in control of life.

just a little update.I'll be heading to the next chapter of my life soon.Starting my course in the mid of may.
All Glory to HIM.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Just a short update.I've just being informed by my friend via sms saying that STPM result will release on 21st February 2011.|And the date is confirmed.I got a little frightened whenever i received the news.But when i thought back of God's promises and all my friend's words of encouragement,i told myself not to worry so much as Jesus is with me.Even if i fail,its not the end of the world.But I just pray hard that im able to go through again for this round as i've already made it for so many round(UPSR,PMR,SPM).I'll just keep my faith in my dear Daddy God.

This month will be my last month of my current part time job.At first i did planned to go back to SMI to help Bro. Matthew at La Salle centre.But my third sister offered me a job which is to follow her to KL and work under her.She said this would be my so called probation towards the course that i'm planning to study which is graphic design.And she said that if i'm able to do well in this 'probation' job,she'll allow me to take up graphic design.My mom encourage me too to follow my sister.I dont know whether is this what God has planned for me but i'll try to take this challenge.If i really go,I'll be working in KL for a month.Will continue to seek God for a clearer directions:)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Chapter of Life.

I've left my blog untouched since last September and now i finally make some time to just update my daily life story:)
Time really flies and now i've entered a new year,a new season and a new chapter of my life.I really do miss my form 6th life though there were many ups and downs during that time but i just treasure the good times i had in SMI.Once a michaelian,Always a michaelian:)

Anyway, i started this new year by working as a part timer at Jusco(nose).At the beginning,i felt quite lost as im the only part timer and i've once thought of quitting that job.But thank God for wisdom that i didn't made regretful decision.I thank God for speaking to me through my Youth Leader,Sherene,telling me that when i started something,I am require to end it well.I've chosen this job and started working and all i need to do is to end it well.First 2 weeks,i wasn't happy of this job because i felt myself like alone-ranger but later on i managed to get along with my colleagues though sometimes its hard for me to fit into their topics because of their high standard cantonese.A part from that,God is so so good that He really did answered my prayers.Everyday before i start working i'll just pray a simple prayer like pray for good sales,more customers,alertness and so on.And after about 2 weeks,my assistant manager told me that i've ranked as the first placing in the sales individual ranking report which means that i've hit the highest sales among the staffs for the first month of the year and we did hit our sales target by the end of the month.Really Praise God for that!But unfortunately i started my second month of working with a minor accident at my workplace where i fell down from a broken ladder and injured my back and hit my head directly on the ground due to my loss of balance.Immediately i've sent to the nearest clinic and the doctor had a check on my back and my head and then wrote a letter to hospital for a scan on my head.At first,i didn't really want to go to hospital because it was just a minor injury but my manager told me its better to have a check on my head.A few hours after the incident,the pain at my injured part started killing me.I didn't slept well for about 3 nights because of the terrible pain at my back,head and neck.But that didn't stop me from going to work and do my daily routine.Really thank God for the speedy healing upon me which took about 4 days to heals me and ease all the pain.Well,this month gonna be my last month working though.I pray that i'll impact someone lives in my workplace before i leave.

Thirdly,STPM result is coming out real soon.I kept worrying of my result whether i can pass all my subjects or not and also kept thinking whether i can enter university to do my graphic design or not.But one thing just struck my mind that i must have faith in Him and not have worries in our Daddy God.My parents dont really agree of me taking up graphic design course but i believe that God given me this vision for a purpose and i know He has a really great plan for me in the future.
Thats all for todays update.Gonna keep updating!:)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

im in need.

Sometimes i asked myself this question ''is my way of helping others correct?'' Sometimes i feel stupid when i help those who doesnt even appreciate it.They will find me when they're in need and leave me when they're not.And when im in need,i have no one to help me through but except for God alone.I really want to impact others life by helping them but did i really impacted their lives?the answer is No.Whenever im in need,i really want to find someone just to be a listener to my problems but somehow i only can find Jesus and keeping it to myself.Seriously i dont like the feeling of hiding so many things inside myself.I feel like shouting all out.But Jesus just spoke to me one thing just now during prayer meeting when sherene prayed for me.Jesus spoke to me that,its okay if theres no one by my side because Jesus is always by my side listening to my problems.And Jesus also spoke to me that even if i have no one being by my side loving me,Jesus will always by my side loving me.He'll never leave me.
And lately i've been thinking alot about studies,my life,friends,family and alot more.I really wanna shout it all to God alone but somehow i just couldnt do it.I pray that i could able to overcome this with God' alone.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

my final prom nite in school

My final prom night has just ended which was yesterday.Frankly speaking,it was kinda bored like last year because firstly it held in school and secondly,everyone had to sit still in the hall watching all the performances.While the food,well no comment.It was not the best for me but i just ate it as i was starving that time.Well overall this year prom night doesnt turned out what i've expected.I took pictures with friends most of the time instead.After the prom night ended,i went for second round with my schoolmates at de garden.We went to pappa rich for a short supper then we walk around the 'de garden'.One of my friend decided to go Airport pub to have a look at the environment that is newly launched.As we stood outside the airport and have a look at the menu,it really stunned us as the price was so 'nice'.lol.but thank God that we didnt go as i dont like those place.Instead of going airport,we stood outside the airport pub and took picture of the airport poster.That was really made me LOL-ed. As we were kept posing with the airport poster for photo taking.Even the guard looked at us like one kind.haha.After that,we went around the area to pose and took pictures.Seriously this was my first time posing around with friends and taking lots of pictures.Well i'll upload the pictures soon and share with you all as i need time to collect all of my pictures from my friends:)Now everything has ended and stpm is just one month ahead.This could be my final lap before i am free from schooling life.And I have to work extremely hard for stpm to prevent any regretness by the end of the year and one the result day.And i need Jesus to strengthens me and work with me through it=)

taken by DSLR camera:)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

home alone.

Today im home alone again as my parents has gone down to KL to visit my sisters.I felt freedom although im home alone because im free from all the nagging from my mom.But she did called me a few times to checked on me.This morning i felt quite different than usual.Normally i dont talk much with my parents.But this morning when my parents going out to railway station by taxi,my dad actually told me to take care and my mom bid goodbye to me.I just kept quiet not because im being cool or what but i was stunned that time and do not know what to reply to them.I never experience this before.Although this might be a small thing or nothing to others but this is something for me.Anyway today is special compared to other days because i cooked breakfast for myself.It was not my first time cooking breakfast but it was my first time cooking my mom did all the cookings and my duty is to wait for it to serve:)MY first time pasta was nice i would practice my cooking skill

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

an awful feeling

Why am i having this feeling again?Deep in my heart,i felt being stab by a knife.Im trying not to think of it but somehow my mind keeps reminding me.Whenever i have this feeling,i feel like crying out loud but i held back my tears.I seriously feel so awful even right now.Whenever i got criticize by others,the scar in my heart is getting deeper.i wanted to attack back but somehow i gotta control my temper.i guess God is training me to be patience?I cant do anything now except look to Jesus.I pray that God will heal my broken heart.